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Over the last few years, I've seen loads of awesome Obama pictures submitted to Reddit, so I started bookmarking some of them. Today - the day of the 2012 Presidential Election - seemed like a good day to share them.

Since these pictures were posted on the web with no credits or attribution, I don't know who they belong to or where they came from. I'm going to work through adding credits wherever possible, but if you know who took a particular picture, please do leave a comment and I'll add it to the post.

Obama identifies his favourite person: you!

Obama identifies his favorite person, YOU!

Early on in my professional life, I was given some fairly terrible career advice: make yourself indispensable.

For decades, this has been the Standard Operating Procedure for people in a variety of roles and industries, from the developer aiming to be the only one capable of maintaining his own code, to the Project Manager who insists that certain processes couldn't run without his oversight. Half a century ago, this kind of behaviour might have guaranteed one's lifelong employment. Today, it will harm their career. Worse still, the knock-on effect can undermine the company and even the industry.

I didn't take this advice, but it wasn't until a few years later that I realised why: all along, I'd been working with a different set of assumptions, and towards a different goal: to make myself redundant.

Edit: based on comments from the fine folk in the comments thread at Hacker News, I want to add this TL;DR: "Maybe what I'm advocating is that people should think about their role in the way that a consultant might". OK; enjoy the post.

I'm a big fan of the 'omnibox' in Google Chrome (the combination search / address bar) - in particular I love the 'custom search engine' feature which essentially lets you define keyword shortcuts. (I've blogged before about using the feature to remove personalized results from Google.)

I'm a very heavy user of Open Site Explorer - the link analysis tool built by SEOmoz - and have set up my own omnibox shortcuts to give me quicker access to it.

I went out last weekend to test my new telephoto lens from the top of the Space Needle.....

Hello Reddit ;-)

This story was published on August 20th, 2010.

It's sometimes fun to fire up Bing Maps, and engage in a bit of virtual tourism by visiting the Eiffel Tower, Galway Bay or any other sites you can't afford the air-fare for right now. I wondered if it was possible to share pictures of the places that are important to me; it turns out that almost everywhere was available in Bing's 'Bird's Eye' view - just proving what a townie I've been.

Childhood home: Cheadle Hulme

We moved to the leafy suburbs of South Manchester in a time before I can remember. It's a friendly, if anonymous town, with a great butcher's and a local pub that did the best pub quiz I've ever been to.

Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire

My girlfriend made me a Reddit Alien for Christmas. Having shared it with Reddit, I was asked a couple of questions, including "how big is it?" and "how did she make it?"

The first question has an easy answer: about 50cm from top to bottom. But just posting that answer would be no fun, so here's a photo of the two most important people in my life for comparison:

Cameron Paige with Reddit Alien

  1. Sell masks
  2. Rebrand masks as swine flu masks
  3. Increase price by ~25%
  4. ...
  5. Profit

Sine Flu Masks

When did spammers get so honest?

I've got my own theories about how this happened, but maybe the mystery is part of the fun.

(Click to enlarge)

honest spam

This is my 2008 selection of Xmas music videos from bands and artists that you never noticed (or would never believe) had released Christmas tracks.

But - don't think this makes them all sell-outs. Although there's some usual Christmas cheese in here, there are also some beautiful songs from accomplished artists such as Tom Waits and James Brown to (ahem) the Kick the Can Crew.

Have I missed out any of your favourite obscure Christmas songs? Drop me an email!