Hi- I'm Rob Ousbey. I spend my time thinking about customers & audiences.

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I was formerly VP Product at Moz, where I worked on bringing world-class data and software experiences to SEOs, as part of the best known brand in the industry.

In my previous role as VP at Distilled (now Brainlabs), I led an incredible team of digital marketing experts, who delivered huge results by providing expert insights & advice. We supported all sorts of organizations - from the world's largest companies to exciting new startups.

After hours, I'm a hacker who can't resist the urge to build things that I want to exist in the world, and hope that other people feel the same.

Tune in for adventures in marketing, technology and parenthood right here:

I evangelize effective marketing at conferences around the world.

Whether you need a keynote speaker for your marketing conference, or you need a marketing expert for your industry event, I'd love to chat about ways to engage your audience and inspire them to approach marketing in a more thoughtful way.

My sessions are always customized to your event, and I believe that leaving people with actionable advice is the most important thing I can deliver. This approach has helped me rank amongst the top speakers at many fantastic events.

Is Mount Rainier Out?

I run a daily Twitter feed that answers the most important question in Seattle: Is The Mountain Out? Follow the account via @IsMtRainierOut or visit the interactive daily timelapse at: IsMtRainierOut.com.

Typeface or Trotters?

Some days I spend working on more important technology, executing on big ideas. And some days I end up building silly quizzes that are designed just to amuse people. Typeface or Trotters was the product of the second kind of day.


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