Digital Marketing & SEO Tools

This is the space I'll use to host the free tools I've built over the years.

Regex URL Tagging Tool

Tag up a list of URLs, using regex or text filters, then export the list back into a spreadsheet to get deeper insights more quickly.

New tools & features coming soon!

Let me know your email address, and I'll send you a sneak peek as soon as I have new (free!) tools to share with you.

(NB: I'm using Mailchimp, so unsubscribing is super easy if you change your mind.)

Google Scraper, SERP Analysis tool, and more

Here are the resources from my 2020 Mozcon session. It explains how to build a scraper directly inside Chrome, using Javascript bookmarklets - and gives some pre-built tools. SEOs will find the "Google Structure Scraper" particularly useful!

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